steam1 [ stim ] noun uncount **
1. ) the hot wet substance like a thin cloud that is produced when water is heated:
The steam from the volcano rose 3,000 meters into the air.
a steam bath
a ) the wet substance that forms on windows and mirrors when wet air suddenly becomes hot or cold:
Tom rubbed the steam from the window and peered outside.
2. ) power that is created when water is heated:
The equipment was originally powered by steam.
the age of steam (=when engines were powered by steam)
a ) only before noun operated by steam:
a steam engine/locomotive/
(at) full steam
at the maximum level:
Before I start working again full steam, I want to travel.
full steam ahead
making a lot of progress:
The movie is set to go full steam ahead.
have steam coming out of your ears
to be very angry about something
let off/blow off steam
to express your feelings of anger or excitement without harming anyone:
The meeting will be a chance for protesters to let off steam.
pick up/build up/gather steam
to become more active, important, or full of energy:
It looks like the economy is picking up steam again.
run out of/lose steam
to lose energy, enthusiasm, or importance:
David seems to be running out of steam.
under your own steam
without the help of anyone else:
Can you make it under your own steam, or will you need a lift?
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steam 2 [ stim ] verb *
1. ) intransitive to produce steam:
Great pots of food were steaming on the stove.
a ) if someone steams, they feel very hot:
a record hot day when air conditioners groaned and customers steamed
2. ) intransitive or transitive to cook food with steam:
Steam the vegetables for about ten minutes.
steamed fish
3. ) intransitive to move using steam power:
The train steamed noisily out of the station.
a ) if a person steams somewhere, they move quickly in a particular direction:
McKiernan steamed ahead to win her third race in a row.
b ) if a ship steams somewhere, it travels there:
The luxury liner steamed into New York on Thursday.
,steam `up phrasal verb intransitive or transitive
to cover something with steam or become covered with steam:
My glasses kept steaming up.
,steam `open phrasal verb transitive
to use steam to separate two edges or pieces of paper that are stuck together:
Someone has steamed open the envelope.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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